2.01.2008 г.

O.V. Wright - 1978 - The Bottom Line

O.V. Wright recorded one of the all time great slow-burners with The Bottom Line. Joining O.V. once again is super producer Willie Mitchell (who also wrote or co-wrote over half the tracks here), and the team he's assembled for The Bottom Line is nothing short of phenomenal. Aside from your basic Memphis rhythm section (which there is actually nothing basic about), The Bottom Line boats a 7-person horn section backed by four female gospel singers and The Memphis Sting Symphony. So many musicians could make an album cumbersome, noisy, or (as the album ages) sound dated, but under Mitchell's guidance (along with Aarion Nesbit focusing on the strings) this isn't the case at all.
The genius and pure pleasure of O.V. Wright doesn't have to continue on going overlooked. The Bottom Line is the kind of album that'll draw endless praise from fans of southern soul music, and could very possibly win over new fans who enjoy great heartfelt storytelling, skilled and accomplished musicians, and a singer who puts himself deeply into the song (country music, blues, and folk fans - I'm looking at you).

01. The Bottom Line
02. I Don't Do Windows
04. Your Good Things About To End
06. I Don't Know Why
07. No Easy Way To Say Goodbye
08. Little More Time
09. Since You Left These Arms Of Mine
10. A Long Road

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