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Karl Denson - 2001 - Dance Lesson #2

Karl Denson - Dance Lesson #2
May 08, 2001
Blue Note

Personnel :
Karl Denson - alto & tenor saxophones, flute, percussion
Ron Levy - Wurlitzer piano, organ
E.J. Rodriguez - percussion
Zak Najor - drums
Leon Spencer - organ

Producer : Karl Denson; Erik Newson
Engineer : David Baker; Ben Moore

The tenor man is back, and with a full battalion of dance-ready grooves that make jazz and funk hold hands. Guests on the CD include Chris Wood, DJ Logic, Charlie Hunter, Melvin Sparks, Leon Spencer, Zak Najor, Ej Rodriguez, and Ron Levy.

02. Like Like Dope
03. Rumpwinder
04. Flute Down
05. A.J. Bustah
06. A Shorter Path #1
07. A Shorter Path #2
08. I Want The Funk
09. Who Are You

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Funkin' great stuff. Thanks for your work and awseome posts!

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