11.03.2008 г.

Sister Funk 2 - 2007 - The Sound Of Unknown Soul Sisters - Compiled By DJ Ian Wright

A second great serving of all-female funk and a collection that's arguably better than the now-legendary first volume in the series! Ian Wright's definitely outdone himself here and the selection of work here is really really wonderful , with hardly any familiar names at all , save for a few smaller soul stars who are represented by some pretty obscure tunes! The vibe is hard and gritty throughout , but also plenty soulful too , and Ian doesn't sacrifice quality of the tune in pursuit of a rare piece of wax, so that the work is all top-shelf all the way through , a collection of female soul and funk artists who easily rival the biggest names from their generations! As usual with Jazzman, the whole thing's done with notes that are as careful as the track selection.

01 - Rhetta Hughes - You're Doing It With Her
03 - Dolly Gilmore - Sweet Sweet Baby
05 - Coletta Woodson - Follow The Wind
06 - Sandy Gaye - Watch The Dog
08 - Sheila Wilkerson - Baby You're A Jive Cat
09 - Richi Corbin Trio - A Woman Was Made For A Man
10 - Barbara Trent - Heartbreak Hotel
11 - Althea Spencer - Take Me Baby
12 - Cheryl Johnson - It's Not Too Late
13 - Barbara Howard - I Dont Want Your Love
15 - Cheryl Dorsey - If You Want Your Man
16 - The Fabulettes - Muddy Waters
17 - Keisa Brown - The Dance Man
19 - Hard Drivers - Since I Was A Little Girl
20 - Florence Trapp - Love Came Into My Life