13.03.2009 г.

Dizzy Gillespie & Lalo Schifrin - 1977 - Free Ride

Dizzy Gillespie teamed up with Lalo Schifrin to compose and produce for him. The result is some interesting parts like a bass line with congas in Incantation, but a lot of the music is light, poppy jazz with a lot of wah wah guitar, sort of like Bob James. The best track is the last, Last Stroke Of Midnight with a dark and mysterious feel to it with keyboard work that sounds like it could be part of an Afrika Bambaataa track. Really though, most of the songs tend to merge into each other in an unmentionable mass.

01 - Unicorn
02 - Fire Dance
04 - Wrong Number
06 - Ozone Madness
07 - Love Poem For Donna
08 - The Last Stroke Of Midnight