27.05.2008 г.

Bobby Williams - 1974 - Funky Super Fly

One of THE all-time indie funk classics of the 70s, the standout LP by Bobby Williams, an obscure James Brown-styled vocalist with a really great sound! The style here cops plenty from JB at his funkiest, but that's A-OK with me, because Bobby gets that sound so completely right, and the raw production of the album make the record sound a good deal grittier than most of The Godfather's more mainstream records from the time. There's a hard-jamming quality to most of the numbers, with lots of tight horns, fast-romping rhythms, and calls from Bobby out to the band, who are more than happy to respond to his groove!

18.05.2008 г.

Kyle Jason - 2005 - Revolution Of The Cool

If soul is back, then Kyle "Ice" Jason got enough to loan you some as James Brown used to say. This former Air America Radio host began his career as a member of the Eddie Murphy entourage. His 2005 release, "Revolution of the Cool" features the hit, "Coming From The Soul".

02. A Hipper Nipple
03. Cool Is Cool
05. Simone By Moonlight
06. Why (Am I So Funky)
07. Cat-O-Tonic
08. Paris Sky
09. Walkin'
10. Hot Sauce
11. Round Peg In a Roomfullasquares
12. I'm Tired Of Being Your Friend [Piano Mix]

17.05.2008 г.

D'Angelo - 1996 - Live At The Jazz Cafe. London

D'Angelo - Live At The Jazz Cafe, London

Beautiful live material from one of the greatest new soul stars of the past decade! D'Angelo's caught here in the legendary temple of groove , London's Jazz Café, home to some of the best funk and soul shows in Europe. The crowd is extremely enthusiastic, and the whole thing falls together beautifully , with a hard raw soul vibe that's similar to, but edgier than, D'Angelo's studio albums. Lots of great electric piano, soulful vocals, and great backing by a tight band.

01. Me & Those Dreamin' Eyes Of Mine
03. Cruisin'
04. Shit, Damn, Motherfucker
05. Lady
07. Heaven Must Be Like This

12.05.2008 г.

Rare Afro & Caribbean Funk Vol. 1 (2007)

Various Artist
"Rare Afro & Caribbean Funk Vol.1"

One of the hippest collections of global grooves we've ever heard a side each of rare African and Caribbean tunes, both of which sound a fair different than work we've had on other compilations! The African tunes break nicely from the standard Fela groove.

02 - Jerry Malekani - Diwela
03 - Sumo - Munia
04 - Oby Onyihoa - Enjoy Your Life
05 - Biosis Now - Independent Bahamas
06 - Black Machines - Soul Martinique
07 - Black Machines - Right Now
08 - Marcel Louis Joseph - Prière Au Soleil
09 - Gordon Henderson - The Higher Bidder

Rare Afro & Caribbean Funk Vol. 2 (2007)

Various Artists
"Rare Afro & Caribbean Funk Vol.2"

A second mighty batch of rare work from points south the kind of tunes we'd never have tracked down on our own making us even more grateful for a set like this! As before, the music's a blend of obscure African tunes and other bits picked from the Caribbean, the latter of which represents a strongly untapped source of funk from the 70s, finally getting its due in recent years! There's a strong influence on most numbers
from American funky 45s .

01 - Jojo L'explosif - Dig It Babe
03 - Amadou Balake - Super Bar Konon Mousso
04 - Black Santiago - Don Dagbé Wè
05 - Wjw & Roots Trunks & Branches - Rising (Power Disco Power)
06 - Super Tentemba Jazz - Almamy
08 - Marius - Joe
09 - Roland Louis Orchestra - Play Up Play Up
10 - Les Vicking's - Let Stay Up Vicking's
11 - Cool Creation - Wish Upon Love