14.04.2010 г.

Fania All Stars - Our Latin Thing 2 (2006)

Our Latin Thing 2 is part of Fania’s re-issue campaign, Fania being the record label that is to salsa “what Def Jam is to hip hop,” at least according to Louie Vega. It was founded in 1960s New York by Jerry Masucci and Johnny Pacheco Fania and went on to become the home of Celia Cruz, Tuti Puente and Ray Barretto.
The re-issues consist of never heard before material, re-mastered classics, some limited release DJ mixes by the likes of DJ Format, Bugz in the Attic and Ashley Beedles, and a series of samplers such as this.

Our Latin Thing 2 is an intro to the early work of Fania and 1970s New York - a time when soul, jazz and funk were finding a footing in the Latin scene. Tracks such as Ralph Robles’ ‘Come and Get It’ and Monguito Santamaria’s ‘Ne Ne’ simply ooze cool, though in very different ways; the former with its bouncy piano riffs and sexy horns topped with Robles’ smoky vocals, the latter with its bongo rhythms and fast flowing lyrics.
01 - Willie Rosario - Last Tango In Paris
02 - Willie Colon - The Hustler
03 - Ralph Robles - Come and Get It
04 - Eddie Palmieri & Cal Tjader - Bamboleate
05 - Johnny Pacheco - Dakar, Punto Final
06 - Monguito Santamaria - Ne Ne
07 - Hector Lavoe - El Todopoderoso
08 - Celia Cruz and Johnny Pacheco - No Mercedes
09 - Ruben Blades and Willie Colon - Pedro Navaja
10 - Joe Bataan - Shaft

9.04.2010 г.

Paul Humphrey - 1969 - Paul Humphrey and The Cool-Aid Chemists

Lizard/P-Vine (Japan)

Funky drums from the mighty Paul Humphrey, one of the standout studio players of the LA scene of the 60s and 70s, and an even better talent as a leader on this set! Paul's working here in a style that's partly in a funk mode, and partly soul instrumental, supported by small combo instrumentation from other figures on the LA scene, including David T Walker on guitar, Clarence McDonald on keyboards, and Phil Upchurch on bass. The sound is lean and mean, often with a hard-stepping feel that makes many of the cuts sound like some of the more stripped-down blacksploitation numbers from the time! 

01 - Cool Aid
02 - Them Changes
03 - Sack Full Of Dreams
04 - Music Talk
05 - Something
06 - Baby Rice
07 - Detroit
08 - Ain't That Peculiar
09 - Dreams

5.04.2010 г.

Deep Funk (compilated by me)

This is something i made for those of you who love new heavy raw deep funk.. I got so many albums in my stash and this came out quickly, but i hope to enjoy it every one of you. And another thing , if don't mind, i expect a little comment bout that...

2.04.2010 г.

Billy Harper - 1975 - Black Saint

Date of Release: Jul 21, 1975 - Jul 22, 1975

Billy Harper - Sax (Tenor), Cowbell

Malcom Pinson - Drums
Virgil Jones - Trumpet
David Friesen - Bass
Joe Bonner - Piano

Tenor saxophonist Billy Harper helped launch the Italy-based Black Saint jazz label with this 1975 release. And not only does this represent the inaugural outing for the label, it also signifies one of the finest modern jazz releases of the '70s. Influenced by tenor sax giant John Coltrane, Harper proceeded to mold a distinctly personalized sound awash with slight inferences of R&B and hard bop. Additionally, the saxophonist's melodic gifts come to the forefront throughout this often-invigorating studio date. On the opening piece, titled "Dance Eternal Spirits, Dance," the tenor saxophonist fuses an engagingly melodic theme with lightning-fast flurries atop a peppery jazz waltz groove. Harper radiantly executes soul-searching lines atop a loosely based jazz waltz/swing vamp during "Croquet Ballet," as he alternates lower-register voicings with high-pitched, plaintive cries. Here the artist shrewdly reworks the primary melody as he literally interrogates his tenor saxophone. Highlights abound, while trumpeter Virgil Jones and pianist Joe Bonner provide Harper with buoyant frameworks via hearty soloing and intuitive support. Vigorously recommended.

Harper's solos are worth the price of the record alone searing with a raw, post-Coltrane energy as he darts in and out of the voices in the backings.

1. Dance, Eternal Spirits, Dance! (Harper) - 06:52
2. Croquet Ballet (Harper) - 13:02
3. Call of the Wild and Peaceful Heart (Harper) - 21:22