23.12.2009 г.

Bobby Hutcherson - 1970 - San Francisco Featuring Harold Land

Bobby Hutcherson - Vibraphone
Harold Land - Tenor Sax, Flute, Oboe
Joe Sample - Acoustic & Electric Pianos
John Williams - Acoustic & Electric Basses
Mickey Roker - Drums

Produced by Duke Pearson at UA Studios LA

Recording Date: July 15 1970

Bobby Hutcherson's late-'60s partnership with tenor saxophonist Harold Land had always produced soulful results, but not until San Francisco did that translate into a literal flirtation with funk and rock. After watching several advanced post-bop sessions gather dust in the vaults, Hutcherson decided to experiment with his sound a bit, but San Francisco still doesn't wind up the commercial jazz-funk extravaganza that purists might fear. Instead, Hutcherson and Land stake out a warm and engaging middle ground between muscular funk and Coltrane-style modality; in other words, they have their cake and eat it too. Joined by pianist/keyboardist Joe Sample (also of the Jazz Crusaders), acoustic/electric bassist John Williams, and drummer Mickey Roker, Hutcherson and Land cook up a series of spacious, breezy grooves that sound unlike any other record in the vibist's discography (even his more commercial fusion sessions). The selections -- all group-member originals -- often skirt the edges of fusion, but rarely play it as expected; they might float some spare tradeoffs over a loping, heavy bass groove, throw in an oboe solo by Land, or -- as on the slowest piece -- keep time only with intermittently spaced piano chords. It's all done with enough imagination and harmonic sophistication to achieve the rare feat of holding appeal for traditional jazz and rare-groove fans alike. It's a shame Hutcherson didn't explore this direction more, because San Francisco is not only one of his best albums, but also one of his most appealing and accessible.
02. Prints Tie
03. Jazz
04. Ummh
05. Procession
06. A Night In Barcelona

18.12.2009 г.

Harold Land - 1972 - Damisi

Mainstream Records, MRL 367


Harold Land : tenor saxophone, oboe
Ndugu (Leon Chancler) : drums
Buster Williams : Fender bass, acoustic bass
Bill Henderson : electric piano, acoustic piano
Oscar Brashear : trumpet, flugelhorn
Bobby Hutcherson : vibraphone (tracks 6 & 7 only)

"Step Right Up From The Bottom" is a straight ahead acoustic cooker by Land with some intriguing changes allowing the soloists to stretch out.

"In The Back etc"has a funky feeling-electric keyboards and bass, Brashaer on flugelhorn and the two horns interweaving in a complex, collectivly improvisational finish.
Land plays Oboe on "Pakistan" and it's exotic tone is well suited to its dark mood. Brashaers muted trumpet and Hendersons Tyneresque piano contribute to the adventurous piece. Back on tenor Land plays Ndugu's" Chocolate Mess" on which brief ensemble statements alternate with a sustained minor vamp.
"Damisi" is an attractive melodic creation, featuring Land at his most intense on two burning solos seperated by trumpet and piano passages.
1. Step Right Up To The Bottom

2. In The Back, In The Corner, In The Dark
4. Chocolate Mess
5. Damisi
6. Dark Mood
7. Up and Down

4.12.2009 г.

Matthew Halsall

Already following up on his Sending My Love debut, Mancunian trumpeter Matthew Halsall teams up with labelmate Nat Birchall, pianist Adam Fairhall, bass player Gavin Barras and alternating drummers Gaz Hughes and Marek Dorcik for an album of melodic and often meditative jazz. As with its predecessor there's a pleasantly trad feel to all this, taking on the feel and character of a fairly conventional club combo, albeit with an uncommonly heightened sense of composerly intuition. Halsall sounds especially strong during the record's quieter passages, slowing the pulse to stealthy, dulcet levels on 'I've Been Here Before', leaving room for restrained, melancholy intonations counterbalanced by the prickly harpof Rachael Gladwin.

The Compositions by Matthew Halsall - http://www.gondwanarecords.com/

24.11.2009 г.

Booker Ervin - 1966 - Structurally Sound


Booker Ervin (tenor saxophone)
Charles Tolliver (trumpet)
John Hicks (piano)
Red Mitchell (bass)
Lenny McBrowne (drums)

Mixing the dusky romanticism of Dexter Gordon and the progressive tonal ideology of John Coltrane, Booker Ervin is often filed under "A" for amalgam alongside other overlooked tenor masters such as Tina Brooks and Hank Mobley. Structurally Sound is perhaps not Ervin's most provocative album, but a solid and tasty endeavor featuring the "suspended" chord sounds popularized by McCoy Tyner during the late '60s. Here, the chords come via the brilliant pianist John Hicks, who opens the album with funky high-end triplet figures on Randy Weston's "Berkshire Blues." Joining in is a well-selected roster of musicians, many of whom were also overshadowed by their more well-known contemporaries, including Charles Tolliver on trumpet, Red Mitchell on bass, and Lenny McBrowne on drums. Tolliver contributes the original composition "Franess," a Wayne Shorter-influenced affair that features his fat and burnished tone. They also cover Oliver Nelson's blissful standard "Stolen Moments" to good effect. Originally ending with an athletic up-tempo version of "Take the 'A' Train," the Blue Note Connoisseur Series reissue includes a sparkling "Shiny Stockings," featuring an especially inspired chorus by Ervin. An oddball version of "White Christmas" also makes it onto the disc, as do alternate takes of "Franess" and "Deep Night."

01. Berkshire Blues

02. Dancing In The Dark
04. Franess
05. Boo’s Blues
06. You’re My Everything
07. Deep Night
08. Take The 'A' Train
09. Shiny Stockings
10. White Christmas
11. Franess (alternate take)
12. Deep Night (alternate take)

9.10.2009 г.

Sonny Rollins, McCoy Tyner, Ron Carter, Al Foster - 1978 - Milestone Jazzstars In Concert


Sonny Rollins - tenor and soprano saxophones

McCoy Tyner - piano
Ron Carter - bass
Al Foster - drums

1. The Cutting Edge
2. Alone Together
3. Continuum
4. Nubia
5. N.O. Blues
7. A Little Pianissimo
8. Don't Stop The Carnival

30.09.2009 г.


Syl Johnson - I'm Talkin' Bout Freedom

Lillian Hale - Don't Boom Boom

24.08.2009 г.

Bobby Jackson - 1978 - Desiree Song

(LP Ninth Note Records, US, 1978) 
Catalog # NNR-0072

Bobby Jackson (piano)
Tony Moreno (drums)
Enrique Mercado Reyes (trombone)
Bobby Hughes (alto saxophone)
John Howard (bass)

I am big fan of Independent Jazz Labels. This album was first made known to me a few years back by a jazz dealer of mine. He wouldn’t sell me his copy though, so I had to look for it myself. A very strong LP - and a must for lovers of spiritual jazz. I was blown away the first time I heard "Desiree Song". The Piano and messy horn bit at the end does my head in every time. Also check out "Modetique" on the album as well: Really nice (even if I do say so myself).

1.Desiree Song
3.Bunglers Twist
5.Pressure Funk

19.08.2009 г.

Unsung: The Story Of Donny Hathaway

Donny Hathaway was a Prolific Song Writer and Music Composer of the Fabulous Soul Music Era. Donny's rise to Soul Music Prominence made him the standard bearer for today's R&B Male vocalist. Indeed Donny Hathaway is responsible for creating and influencing today's modern R&B vocal style for ALL male vocalist of our time. Before Donny Hathaway, no R&B male singer or performer was singing riffs, incorporating high notes or bringing down the house with soulful, melodic vocals. Donny Hathaway was the FIRST to do it...................not Lurther Vandross, not Stevie Wonder, Not even Marvin Gaye!

Bridge - 1981 - Crying For Love

Bridge - Crying For Love

We all know the group - their mixture of soul, funk, disco and Latin elements made this marvellous grouping a really talented band with the versatility and option to change tempo, the direction and beat at the drop of a hat. Something not many artists can do today. Still, this CD is a collection of the demo cuts that won them a recording deal with the CBS owned Bang label. These songs were recorded in 1981 and were intended to become their album for the label. Sadly this was not to pass, and these songs were to sit and gather dust. As one quick spin off of this CD will show this was a criminal act. Still, First Experience has done the decent thing and has rectified this very sorry situation. 1981 as I have said before, was a vintage year for soul music and this is reflected in every song on this CD. I cannot really pull out any clear favourites on this CD but please, if I may, direct you to a few particular songs, which I think should be given special listening treatment. Vocalists Debravon Lewis and Derick Hughes are superb; the latter is very reminiscent of the sadly missed and masterful Donny Hathaway. Both "Stella" and "Listen" are excellent readings of the 1977 Norman Connors versions, and are here performed by the writers themselves in their own right. "From The Darkness To The Light" is a superb ballad complete with flute and summary percussion background which really does the honours. Continuing the trend is "Fire Burning" which underlines how criminal it was not to have had the material released years ago. The vocals on this song are stunning, with Derick Hughes really laying out the red carpet. Surprisingly, for me, was the "Next To Me" cut that was covered by drummer Kenneth Nash. On his 1986 "Mr Ears" album. These tracks are but a few of the highlights from many gems on here.

02. Stella
03. From The Darkness To The Light
04. Fire Burning
05. Waiting Patiently
06. He Say C. She Say Game
07. Sweet & Wonderful
08. Out There In Space
09. No Where Love Affair
10. Rivers Of Love
11. Turn To Love
12. Next To Me
13. Reach Out
14. Listen

30.07.2009 г.

Jump Back - A Tribute To James Brown (2008)

01 Os Incriveis - I Feel Good
02 Jr. and The Preludes - Papa's Got a Brand New Bag
03 Soul Sounds - Lickin' Stick
04 Showmen - Voglio Restare Solo
05 Rabbits and Carrots - Give it Up Or Turn it Loose
07 Kashmere Stage Band - Super Bad
08 Soul Sound - I Got the Feelin'
09 Esquires Now - Think About it
10 The Presidents - It's my Thing
11 Victor Olaiya & His International All Stars - There Was a Time, Cold Sweat (Medley)
12 Victor Olaiya & His International All Stars - Mother Popcorn
13 Impalas - Soul
14 Big Boe and The Nighthawks - My Thing
15 The Invaders - Big Payback
16 Get Up With the Dancer - Sex Machine
17 University of Illinois Jazz Band feat. Don Smith - I Got the Feelin'
18 Harrison High School - Get on the Good Foot
19 Les Watson and The Panthers - Mother Popcorn

29.07.2009 г.

Good God! Heavy Funk Covers Of James Brown From All Over The World 1968-1974 (2007)

Good God, indeed -- a masterful compilation of some of the weirdest James Brown covers you've ever heard -- a truly global assortment of tunes, all of which really keep the best funky spirit of The Godfather in place! The tracks here go way past the usual, and most of the numbers are all quite obscure -- tracks recorded not even by soul singers, but by an assortment of artists of many different genres-- all working at different points around the globe in the 60s and 70s, brought together here by their love of James' original funky vision! And in case you're worried about these tunes being some watered-down version of the JB groove, put your fears to rest -- because all the cuts here have as many funky breaks and hard riffing as any of James' best from back in the day -- sometimes even more, given the weirdness of their styles!

01. El Klan - Cold Sweat
02. Dillard Crumb & The Soul Rockers - Mother Popcorn
03. St. Vincent's Latinaires - Hot Pants I'm Comin'
05. Toni Tornado - Soul Negro
06. Doublass High School Stage Band 1970 - My Thing , I Made A Mistake Medley
07. Lil' Tiger - Do It (Give It Up , My Thing Medley)
08. The Philosophers - Mama's Orgy (Cold Sweat)
09. Waltel Branco - Tema De Zorra (Popcorn With A Feeling)
10. East Of Underground - Popcorn
12. Willy Dickson & The Playboys - Lickin' Stick
13. Som Livre House Band - Papa Don't Take No Mess
14. Skorpyons Of Jamaica - Think (About It)
15. El Combo Xingu - Hot Pants

28.06.2009 г.

German Funk Fieber Vol. 2

01. Siegfried Schwab - High Snobiety
02. Malcolm’s Locks - Get Up Stand Up
03. Orchestra And Chorus Les Humphries – Mandrake
04. Lift - Wenn
07. Eric Thoener’s Sound Magazine - Speed Limit
08. Joy Fleming - Geld
09. Panta Rhei - Der Losverkäufer
10. Roland Kovac & The ORF Big Band - Operation Rose
11. Manfed Krug - Wenns Draußen Grün Wird
13. Kati Kovács - Sehnsucht
14. Memphis Black - Testify
15. Fredy Brock - Betwixt And Between
16. Don Anderson - Understanding
17. Jürgen Franke - Back Talk
18. Peter Thomas - Evening Air


24.06.2009 г.

German Funk Fieber Vol. 1

01 - Gus Brendel - Night Clipper
03 - Ken Aldin - Dark Alley
04 - Was Tun Band - Es Geht
05 - SWF Tanzorchester Rolf-Hans Mueller - Gate One
06 - Veit Marvos Red Point Orchestra - Family Affair
07 - Die Melon Men - Tuesday
08 - Martin Philippi Blues Band - I Got My Mojo Workin'
10 - The Rainbow Orchestra - La Avispa
11 - Dave Kamien Division - Watermelon Man
12 - Howard Carpendale - Du Hast Mich
13 - Hugo Strasser - Flashlights
14 - Peter Herbolzheimer - Rock-O-Mobile
15 - Heinz Kiessling Orchestra - Uptown
16 - Sandra Haas - Kleiner Mann
18 - Udo Lindenberg - Votan Wahnwitz

5.06.2009 г.

Avenue Blue featuring Jeff Golub

In the '90s, guitarist Jeff Golub's blend of jazz, R&B, and pop earned him a reputation for being one of the edgier, more tasteful players in the crossover jazz/NAC/smooth jazz field. Although some of Golub's recordings were played on smooth jazz stations extensively, he was quoted as saying that he refuses to play outright elevator music, and to be sure, Golub's solos give the impression that he is essentially a soul-jazz improviser at heart. The Ohio native (whose influences have included Wes Montgomery, George Benson, Lee Ritenour, and Larry Carlton, among others) is quite capable of playing straight-ahead bop; he certainly has the chops for it. However, Golub chose to focus on more commercial music and has a long résumé as a rock, pop, and R&B session player. He appreciates being compared to artists like David Sanborn, the Crusaders, Ronnie Laws, Joe Sample, and the late Grover Washington, Jr., that is, instrumentalists who can be commercial and groove-oriented but still have a jazz improviser's mentality.

01 - Pick Up The Pieces
02 - Stockholm Prelude
03 - Stockholm
04 - Gimmie Some
05 - That's The Way Of The World
06 - West Side Serenade
07 - Nightingale
09 - Atlanta Nights
10 - Just Goodbye
11 - Lucy, I'm Home
12 - Moon River


4.06.2009 г.

BWB - 2002 - Groovin'

WB stands for the first initials in the last names of Rick Braun (trumpet) , Kirk Whalum (soprano & tenor saxophones) , and Norman Brown (guitar).

Additional personnel includes:
Dee Dee Bridgewater (vocals)
Michael Campbell (guitar)
Ricky Peterson (Fender Rhodes, Hammond B-3 organ, keyboards)
Christian McBride (bass)
Gregory Hutchinson (drums)
Bashiri Johnson (percussion)

BWB's (Rick Braun, Kirk Whalum & Norman Brown) debut album Groovin' harks back to a great '70s session vibe with a disc of classic covers given a Smooth Jazz groove, including The Radicals 'Groovin,' Booker T & The MGs 'Hip Hug Her,' Curtis Mayfield's 'Let's Do It Again,' The Isley Brothers 'It's Your Thing' and Parliament's 'Up For The Down Stroke.' The disc also includes exclusive behind-the-scenes video. Warner. 2002.

Recorded at Capitol Studios, Sunset Sound, Los Angeles, California.

01 - Groovin'
02 - Brown Sugar
03 - Ruby Baby
04 - A Woman's Worth
05 - Hip Hug Her
06 - Mercy Mercy Mercy
07 - Let's Do It Again
08 - It's Your Thing
09 - Povo
10 - Up for the Down Stroke


2.06.2009 г.

Sharpshooters - 1996 - Choked Up

A collaboration between Seattle, WA, DJs Mr. Supreme (real name Danny Clavesilla) and Sureshot (real name Shane Hunt), the Sharpshooters produce sample-heavy down-tempo hip-hop and dance tracks. The pair released their first album, Buck the Saw, on their own Conception imprint in 1994. Two years later Shadow Records released Choked Up and garnered the duo considerable underground acclaim. A few singles followed, but it wasn't until 2003 that the Sharpshooters returned will a new full-length; Twice as Nice found the pair mixing live instruments into the already dense mix of samples and beats.

Link:Part 1

Link:Part 2

8.05.2009 г.

The Best Of Cookin'

Various Artists, Best Of Cookin’, Ubiquity URCD 063 (2CD, USA), 2000

This slammin' two-CD compilation collects works from the fabulous acid jazz compilations Home Cookin', Mo Cookin', Still Cookin', What's Cookin', and Is That Jazz?. Galactic, Greyboy, DJ Swingset, Sharpshooters and others contribute midlength jams that are a mix of soulful melodies, deep funk grooves, hip-hop beats, and rump-shaking dance music. While jazz has been influential in certain drum & bass circles since the late-'90s, these early-'90s neofusion hybrids serve as logical precursors and illuminate how well the artists on the set also serve the jam-band fans who've crossed over to improvised jazz largely on the strengths of funkateers like Medeski Martin & Wood and others. Even so, the tracks here sound incredibly fresh and fun, mixing live instruments and DJs for a party where everyone is playing spiritedly. At home on the dance floor or in the cocktail lounge, The Best of Cookin' is a fine reminder of the potency of acid jazz and a great introduction for electronic music fans who are interested in seeing a crucial early bridge between the jazz and DJ culture.

CD 1

01. Greyboy - Unwind Your Mind
02. Rhythm Section - Suzanne's Jam
03. Slide Five - Outerspace
04. Vibes Alive - The Spoken Word
05. Ping Pong - Goin' Downhill
06. Galactic - Black Eyed Pea
07. New Legends - Sole Food
08. Ten Bass T - Hip Hop Culture
09. Sharpshooters - Pork Pride Stride
10. Spirit Level - Solar Funk
11. Greyboy Allstars - Jungle Strut
12. Jacko Peake - SFO
13. Mock Quintet - Bolsa de Perrito



01. Sweet Potato - Monkey Wrench
02. Slide Five - Streamline
03. Greyboy - Grey's Groove
04. Rhythm Section - Tachyon
05. Vibes Alive - Mantra
06. Ping Pong - Be-Bop Props
07. Sky Juice - Children
08. Rhythm Section - Waiting for the Sun
09. Greyboy - Panacea
10. DJ Swingsett - Peace on the Streets
11. Sweet Potato - Wet Willie


6.05.2009 г.

Blue Mitchell - 1972 - Blues' Blues

Blue Mitchell - Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Darrell Clayborn - Bass [Fender]
Ray Pounds - Drums
John Guerin - Drums
Joe Sample - Electric Piano, Piano [Acoustic]
Freddie Robinson - Guitar [Electric]
John Mayall - Harmonica
Herman Riley - Saxophone [Tenor], Flutev

At the time that this Mainstream LP was recorded, Blue Mitchell was the featured trumpeter with John Mayall's blues group. Mayall returned the favor for Blue's set, playing harmonica with an electric octet headed by Mitchell. Among the sidemen are Herman Riley (on tenor and flute), keyboardist Joe Sample and guitarist Freddy Robinson. The material (all obscure originals) is primarily blues-oriented, and the music overall is listenable and funky, but not particularly memorable. Just an average date from these fine musicians.

1. Casa Blues (8:25)
2. Just Made Up (7:32)
3. Blues' Blues (7:05)
4. Granite & Concrete (9:51)
5. I Didn't Ask To Be (10:09)


5.05.2009 г.

Push - 1996 - Can't Fight It

Label: Soulciety Records
Catalog#: ME 00481
Country: Germany
Released: 1996
Bass - Ernie McKone
Drums - Crispin Taylor
Engineer - Alex Osman , Matt G
Guitar - Mark Vandergucht
Keyboards - Mike McEvoy*
Percussion - Conor Smith
Saxophone, Flute - Jacko Peake
Trumpet - Damon Brown (2)
Vocals - Eddie Saunders

1. Theme From "Push"
2. Fight It
3. Scarper
4. Contribution
5. Positive
6. The Flute Tune
7. Gimme Some More
8. Out On Sunday
9. Awesome Measure
10. It's Over
11. Jack's Jam
12. Ice


21.03.2009 г.

Joe Henderson - 1973 - Canyon Lady

Joe Henderson - "Canyon Lady"
(LP Milestone Records, 1973)
Produced by Orrin Keepnews for Milestone Records
Recorded in October 1973 at Berkeley

Personnel :
Joe Henderson (ts)
Luis Gasca, Oscar Brashear, John Hunt (tp)
Julian Priester, Nicholaas TenBroek (tb)
Hadley Caliman, Ray Pizzi, Vincent Denham (flutes)
George Duke (el. piano)
Mark Levine (ac.piano)
John Heard (b)
Eric Gravatt (d)
Francisco Aguabella (perc.)

01. Tres Palabras
02. Las Palmas
04. All Thing Considered