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Ron Levy's Wild Kingdom - 2004 - After Midnight Grooves

Ron Levy's Wild Kingdom - Finding My Way
Year: Dec 2003
Record Label: Levtron

Ron Levy (composer, producer, Hammond organ, piano, Fender & Wurlitzer pianos, vibes, basses & programming)
Melvin Sparks (guitar)
Karl Denson (sax & flute)
Adrom "Acidman'' Machine - (drums, percussion & DJ drops)
Russ Lawton - (percussion)
Arkady Beletsky - (cello)

Artist's Website: http://www.levtron.com

Two splendid cds from one of the most prestigeous masters of Hammond B-3 and a great blues, rock, r&b, boogie piano player as well… Besides song writer and arranger, Levy is one of the most representative artists of the ‘jazzy-blues-with-a-touch-of-cool-grooves-and-hip-hop-sprinkled-in’ scene. He has done well known collaborations with artists and bands like Roomfool Of Blues, B.B. King, Ronnie Earl, Smokey Wilson, Melvin Sparks or Freddie Hubbard among other popular international names. The first sampler includes a repertoire with own songs, amazing keyboards and piano solos, the backing support of Melvin Sparks guitar playing in four of the nine tunes included on the cd, Karl Denson on saxo and flute and Russ Lawton and Adrome ‘Acidman’ MacHineon percussions as guest musicians. A good cd for fusion and experimental jazz lovers. The second record title, ‘After Midnight Grooves’ says everything about it and can be considered as an extension of the previous one. It provides long tracks where musical patterns follow the same cool-jazz-groove line he loves to perform some now and then along his musical career alternating it with blues and r6b. The cd gathers seven long songs (between six and eleven minutes lenght). The musicians are the same ones than on the previous cd plus Jeff Lockhart, Yahuba Garcia, Arkady Beletsky and ‘Sax’ Gordon Beadle. In short two interesting records to learn a little bit more about one of the most well known appreciated keyboards players not only on rhythm and blues field but also on the most colorful contemporary jazz style.

01. After Midnight Groove
02. Groovin' Whichu
03. Just the Way It Went
04. Like Back In The Day
05. Slinky
06. Keepin' Up The Love
07. Back At The Levshack