5.11.2010 г.

Shamek Farrah - 1974 - First Impressions

Shamek Farrah - First Impressions
Produced by Shamek Farrah / Janfar Productions
1974 Strata-East Records

Alto Sax - Shamek Farrah
Bass - Milton Suggs
Trumpet - Norman Person
Piano - Kasa Mu-Barak Allah
Piano - Sonelius Smith
Drums - Clay Herndon
Drums - Ron Warwell
Conga - Calvert "Bo" Satter-White
Percussion - Kenny Harper

As Strata-East Records got rolling, one of the admirable things it was able to do was offer a platform to some more obscure artists who weren’t being heard elsewise, folks like Billy Parker’s Fourth World (including DeeDee, Ronald, and Cecil Bridgewater); the Washington, DC ensemble Juju (who evolved from an Art Ensemble knock-off into the great jazz-funk band Oneness of Juju by the mid-70s); and alto sax player Shamek Farrah. I don’t really know too much about Shamek except that he made two great albums of spiritual jazz for Strata-East in 1974 and ’77 (the second and half of the first in collaboration with pianist Sonelius Smith).
01 "Meterologicly Tuned" (11:20) - Shamek Farrah
02 "Watch What Happens Now" (5:41) - Fredger Dupree
03 "Umoja Suite" (7:23) - Norman Person
04 "First impressions" (10:28) - Shamek Farrah