17.05.2008 г.

D'Angelo - 1996 - Live At The Jazz Cafe. London

D'Angelo - Live At The Jazz Cafe, London

Beautiful live material from one of the greatest new soul stars of the past decade! D'Angelo's caught here in the legendary temple of groove , London's Jazz Café, home to some of the best funk and soul shows in Europe. The crowd is extremely enthusiastic, and the whole thing falls together beautifully , with a hard raw soul vibe that's similar to, but edgier than, D'Angelo's studio albums. Lots of great electric piano, soulful vocals, and great backing by a tight band.

01. Me & Those Dreamin' Eyes Of Mine
03. Cruisin'
04. Shit, Damn, Motherfucker
05. Lady
07. Heaven Must Be Like This

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Djalma каза...

Great blog mate! I've just found it and I'm amazed! It's nice to see that someone from the Balkans is deep in the soul/funk/jazz music... Greetings from Serbia... Peace...


P.S. I'll link you up if it's OK with you...

Gianni aka Cesare Barbetta каза...

high quality soul lp with cool sounds. highly recommended. thank!!!

Flashlight каза...

Fantastic blog. Thanks for all your hard work!

pinkpob каза...

Love D'Angelo but never heard this so it should be good.