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Archie Shepp - 1998 - True Blue

Archie Shepp - True Blue [Venus 35067]
Rec'Sep 13, 1998

Archie Shepp - Sax (Tenor), Main Performer, Vocals
John Hicks - Piano
George Mraz - Bass
Billy Drummond - Drums

Great Shepp with a great group -- a quartet that pairs Archie's amazing tenor with the piano of John Hicks! The album's one of the best of Archie Shepp's later ballad albums -- and has a really standout feel, thanks to Hicks' warmer tones on the piano alongside Shepp's raspier notes. While other groups joining Shepp on ballad dates all seem to veer towards the inclinations of the leader, Hicks instead seeks to act in counterpoint -- creating a fuller sound and a greater depth overall through his well-crafted lines on piano -- never too sentimental, but with a sense of joy and lyricism that's really wonderful.

01. Lonnie's Lament
02. Everytime We Say Goodbye
03. Time After Time
04. All Or Nothing At All
05. But Beautiful
06. Que Reste-T-Il De Nos Amours
07. Blue Train
08. A Little Surprise For The Lady
09. I Want To Talk About You

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this blog is pure butters, much thanks for all this amazing music.

Djalma каза...

Great one, my Bulgarian brother! Keep up the amazing work! Peace...


pinkpob каза...

butters indeed!

Unknown каза...

I love these Shepp collections. The other two discs are beautiful too...

cvllos каза...

I tried to download it now but it didn't work.
Maybe the links isn't valid anymore?