3.11.2008 г.

Chuck Amstrong - 1976 - Shackin' Up

An obscure album of southern funky soul from Chuck Armstrong , an artist we know from his earlier funky 45 work in Chicago, but who sounds quite different on this set! The album was produced by George Kerr in New Jersey, but it's got a rolling, vamping approach on most cuts , a sound that's somewhere between Muscle Shoals and the nascent Jackson style of the 70s. Chuck's vocals are well-suited to the set, and a few numbers bear traces of his earlier more northern sound.

01. Shackin' Up
02. Goodness Gracious
03. I'm A Lonley Man
04. Nightmare
05. She Had The Right
06. You Got To Deal With It (This Superworld)
07. Coming Home
08. Misleading Information
09. Give Me All Your Sweet Lovin'
10. Sweet Foxy Woman

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greetings from france!the blogworld bring big surprises day after day and your blog is one of them!!i could dig for rarities to the end of time!!but i have a small problem: i cannot download from zshare for bobby williams "superfly" and for "afrocarribean vol1" posts.could you check if everything is alright please and fix it if necessary?i can go on zshare page and clik on download now but when the time elapsed i click on download here and then i go back on the main page....

AMM каза...

many thanks for this great album!

djandpete каза...

great album thank you

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Nice post! Many thanks!