18.01.2009 г.

Jukka Eskola Quintet - 2006 - Hub Up

A beautiful tribute to the electric side of trumpeter Freddie Hubbard , done by Jukka Eskola from Five Corners Quintet, in a mode that almost beats some of Freddie's classic work for CTI! The setting here is spare and simple , trumpet from Jukka, tenor from Timo Lassey, and bass, drums, and plenty of sweet electric keys. All hitting a groove that's soulful, soaring, and filled with the new sense of invention that Hubbard brought to his work at the start of the 70s. Most of the tracks here are originals by Hubbard , "Keep Your Soul Together", "Gibraltar", "Povo", and "Love Connection" , but the set also features the well-penned original "Deli", and a version of Weldon Irvine's "Mr Clean" , a key title in the Hubbard songbook of the CTI years!

01 - Keep Your Soul Together
02 - Gibraltar
03 - Brigitte
04 - Deli
05 - Mr.Clean
06 - Povo
07 - Love Connection

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Анонимен каза...

good stuff! thank you very much!!!!

Weekend Hippie каза...

Nice lp if you like Freddie Hubbard songs.

Many thanks for your great site, keeping the links cool, and all your hard work!