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The Best Of Cookin'

Various Artists, Best Of Cookin’, Ubiquity URCD 063 (2CD, USA), 2000

This slammin' two-CD compilation collects works from the fabulous acid jazz compilations Home Cookin', Mo Cookin', Still Cookin', What's Cookin', and Is That Jazz?. Galactic, Greyboy, DJ Swingset, Sharpshooters and others contribute midlength jams that are a mix of soulful melodies, deep funk grooves, hip-hop beats, and rump-shaking dance music. While jazz has been influential in certain drum & bass circles since the late-'90s, these early-'90s neofusion hybrids serve as logical precursors and illuminate how well the artists on the set also serve the jam-band fans who've crossed over to improvised jazz largely on the strengths of funkateers like Medeski Martin & Wood and others. Even so, the tracks here sound incredibly fresh and fun, mixing live instruments and DJs for a party where everyone is playing spiritedly. At home on the dance floor or in the cocktail lounge, The Best of Cookin' is a fine reminder of the potency of acid jazz and a great introduction for electronic music fans who are interested in seeing a crucial early bridge between the jazz and DJ culture.

CD 1

01. Greyboy - Unwind Your Mind
02. Rhythm Section - Suzanne's Jam
03. Slide Five - Outerspace
04. Vibes Alive - The Spoken Word
05. Ping Pong - Goin' Downhill
06. Galactic - Black Eyed Pea
07. New Legends - Sole Food
08. Ten Bass T - Hip Hop Culture
09. Sharpshooters - Pork Pride Stride
10. Spirit Level - Solar Funk
11. Greyboy Allstars - Jungle Strut
12. Jacko Peake - SFO
13. Mock Quintet - Bolsa de Perrito



01. Sweet Potato - Monkey Wrench
02. Slide Five - Streamline
03. Greyboy - Grey's Groove
04. Rhythm Section - Tachyon
05. Vibes Alive - Mantra
06. Ping Pong - Be-Bop Props
07. Sky Juice - Children
08. Rhythm Section - Waiting for the Sun
09. Greyboy - Panacea
10. DJ Swingsett - Peace on the Streets
11. Sweet Potato - Wet Willie


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Thad каза...

Thank you for posting this! "Sole Food" is an absolute killer. I've been wanting to listed to see if I should purchase - now I can!

Thad каза...

Hi, again - track 9 in disc two is corrupt in the file. Any chance of a repost, please? Thanks for a great blog!