29.07.2009 г.

Good God! Heavy Funk Covers Of James Brown From All Over The World 1968-1974 (2007)

Good God, indeed -- a masterful compilation of some of the weirdest James Brown covers you've ever heard -- a truly global assortment of tunes, all of which really keep the best funky spirit of The Godfather in place! The tracks here go way past the usual, and most of the numbers are all quite obscure -- tracks recorded not even by soul singers, but by an assortment of artists of many different genres-- all working at different points around the globe in the 60s and 70s, brought together here by their love of James' original funky vision! And in case you're worried about these tunes being some watered-down version of the JB groove, put your fears to rest -- because all the cuts here have as many funky breaks and hard riffing as any of James' best from back in the day -- sometimes even more, given the weirdness of their styles!

01. El Klan - Cold Sweat
02. Dillard Crumb & The Soul Rockers - Mother Popcorn
03. St. Vincent's Latinaires - Hot Pants I'm Comin'
05. Toni Tornado - Soul Negro
06. Doublass High School Stage Band 1970 - My Thing , I Made A Mistake Medley
07. Lil' Tiger - Do It (Give It Up , My Thing Medley)
08. The Philosophers - Mama's Orgy (Cold Sweat)
09. Waltel Branco - Tema De Zorra (Popcorn With A Feeling)
10. East Of Underground - Popcorn
12. Willy Dickson & The Playboys - Lickin' Stick
13. Som Livre House Band - Papa Don't Take No Mess
14. Skorpyons Of Jamaica - Think (About It)
15. El Combo Xingu - Hot Pants

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thank you!!!

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A Very intersting collection..

Thank you.

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thank you for the posting great funk Lp

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I've heard about this but it's great to finally hear it--thanks!!