24.08.2009 г.

Bobby Jackson - 1978 - Desiree Song

(LP Ninth Note Records, US, 1978) 
Catalog # NNR-0072

Bobby Jackson (piano)
Tony Moreno (drums)
Enrique Mercado Reyes (trombone)
Bobby Hughes (alto saxophone)
John Howard (bass)

I am big fan of Independent Jazz Labels. This album was first made known to me a few years back by a jazz dealer of mine. He wouldn’t sell me his copy though, so I had to look for it myself. A very strong LP - and a must for lovers of spiritual jazz. I was blown away the first time I heard "Desiree Song". The Piano and messy horn bit at the end does my head in every time. Also check out "Modetique" on the album as well: Really nice (even if I do say so myself).

1.Desiree Song
3.Bunglers Twist
5.Pressure Funk

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Munnnnnph каза...

thanks for the chance to hear this record.

isis apple каза...

this is so beautiful-
thank you so much