9.04.2010 г.

Paul Humphrey - 1969 - Paul Humphrey and The Cool-Aid Chemists

Lizard/P-Vine (Japan)

Funky drums from the mighty Paul Humphrey, one of the standout studio players of the LA scene of the 60s and 70s, and an even better talent as a leader on this set! Paul's working here in a style that's partly in a funk mode, and partly soul instrumental, supported by small combo instrumentation from other figures on the LA scene, including David T Walker on guitar, Clarence McDonald on keyboards, and Phil Upchurch on bass. The sound is lean and mean, often with a hard-stepping feel that makes many of the cuts sound like some of the more stripped-down blacksploitation numbers from the time! 

01 - Cool Aid
02 - Them Changes
03 - Sack Full Of Dreams
04 - Music Talk
05 - Something
06 - Baby Rice
07 - Detroit
08 - Ain't That Peculiar
09 - Dreams

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AMM каза...

hi funkalisto,
many thanks for all youhard work.

blogger are closing down many blogs!
if you go PRIVATE please include me.


Анонимен каза...

I just discover the Funk and downloaded some stuff from your nice blog. thanks for the extension of my musical horizon.

Solomon каза...

Thank you.

Heavy Comet каза...

Thanks for this album Funkalisto!

Added to fav!

quick sliver каза...

I never hear this Lp frit time thank you for you posting I will enjoy posting thanks

Анонимен каза...

sounding nice to me. thanks!

SlimStew каза...

Thanks for the Funk--very different from what PH was puttin' down with Lawrence Welk!

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