5.01.2008 г.

Donny Hathaway - 1972 - Live

Massively beautiful work from the great Donny Hathaway! After two studio albums that had firmly put him on the map as one of the 70s best soul talents, Atco had the genius to have Donny record this live album before very enthusiastic crowds in Hollywood and New York. The result is one of the best soul albums ever -- one that shows a totally different side of Donny, and which has him jamming with a smaller, hipper, jazz-oriented group in long versions of some of his best tracks. Features a massive 12 minute version of "The Ghetto", which has loads of excellent instrumental breakdowns, a 13 minute version of "Voices Inside (Everything Is Everything)", a superior version of the track "Little Ghetto Boy", which was only ever on a soundtrack, and covers of "What's Going On" and "Jealous Guy" that really transform them from the original versions. Very similar to the classic Curtis Mayfield 2LP live set on Curtom -- and with a similar "Chicago studio soulster goes jazzy and intimate" feel.

02. The Ghetto
03. Hey Girl
05. Little Ghetto Boy
06. We're Still Friends
07. Jealous Guy
08. Voices Inside (Everything Is Everything)

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