3.01.2008 г.

O.V. Wright - 1979 - We're Still Together

This is what is rightly called “Soul”. Soul with considerable feeling backing it up. Original Soul from the time that when given the label “Soul” meant that it was proud and unquestionably justifiable.
This is the music that you listen to when you are alone. When the highs of the day have already passed you by and now you are somewhat vulnerable. Relaxing with something other than watered down beer. This is when the meaning in the lyrics are so compelling, that you readily identify with them and find your mood is brought in line with the music – and not the other way around as we’re all so used to.

01. We're Still Together
03. It's Cold Without Your Love
04. Baby Baby Baby
05. I'm Gonna Stay
07. Today I Sing The Blues
08. Mirror Of My Soul
09. Sacrifice

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