8.03.2010 г.

Charles Sullivan - 1976 - Re-entry

One of the few sessions ever cut as a leader by soul jazz trumpeter Charles Sullivan, a brilliant talent who shone brightly in the mid 70s, working in hip small groups that were very much in the Strata East mode. This rare, previously Japanese-only release has Sullivan working with Rene McLean, Kenny Barron, Buster Williams, and Billy Hart on a tightly crafted set of tunes that share the same lyrical searching quality as some of McLean or Barron's own work from the time. The compositions are incredibly soulful, very much in the mode of some of Billy Harper's genius Japanese recordings.
01 - Re-entry
02 - Body & Soul
03 - Carefree
04 - Waltz For Cricket
05 - Mabe's Way
06 - Body & Soul
07 - Carefree

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excellent record!!! truly great.. keep up the good bloggin'!!!

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fantastix!! thanks for sharing!!!!

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thank you for this beautiful album.. do you have more of C. Sullivan?.. He is totally new for me....